GOP Warns that Biden is Rejecting Bipartisanship on Infrastructure and More


After being formally sworn into the Oval Office, President Biden talked about unity and ending partisan bickering. With months in the White House, this president has refused countless chances to heal partisan divides and unite Republicans and Democrats.

The Biden administration ignored Republican lawmakers by colluding with the Democrats to pass a $1.3 trillion spending package earlier in the year. This spending package is currently funding ongoing unemployment benefits which hinder returns to work and trigger labor shortages.

Infrastructure presents another opportunity for the Biden administration to work with Republicans. However, GOP lawmakers are now warning that this president is yet again turning down another shot at bipartisanship.

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The latest on gridlock between President Biden and Republicans

At this time, GOP lawmakers in Washington D.C. are trying to work with Democrats on an infrastructure bill.

Several weeks ago, Democrats presented an expensive infrastructure package that has little to do with real infrastructure; instead, leftist lawmakers used infrastructure as a front to pay for their pet projects. After being called out on this, leftist lawmakers like Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand attempted to redefine the meaning of infrastructure.