Clinton Supporter Susie Buell Paid Women To Accuse President Trump of Sexual Misconduct


Reports from Fox News affirm that Susie Buell, an ally of Hillary Clinton, provided funds to various women via feminist attorney Lisa Bloom in exchange for them presenting accusations of sexual misconduct against President Trump.

A Full Analysis of Buell and Paid Trump Accusers

For unknown reasons, Buell funneled $500,000 to prospective Trump accusers through attorney Lisa Bloom. Bloom, daughter of Gloria Allred, is known for working high profile cases and has made no secret of her aversion to President Trump. Following questions about why Trump accusers needed money, Bloom cited the alleged needs for “safe houses,” relocation, and additional security measures:

It doesn’t cost anything to publicly air allegations. Security and relocation are expensive and were sorely needed in a case of this magnitude, in a country filled with so much anger, hate and violence.

The women supposedly feared potential backlash that might come as a result of them accusing the then-future President, according to Bloom.