Cloud Seeding: Torrential Rainstorm in Dubai


The arid landscape of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was engulfed by a rainstorm. The deluge of rain transformed the countries parched deserts into temporary waterways reminiscent of scenes from apocalyptic movies. And cloud seeding may be to blame.

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The downpour was equivalent to a year and a half’s worth of rainfall in the area. It wreaked havoc on the nation’s infrastructure. The rain shut down the Dubai airport. And Dubai Metro subway stations had ankle-deep water. Roads and homes were flooded.

There is widespread speculation that cloud seeding played a role in the historic flooding.

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Cloud Seeding

Cloud seeding, also known as pluviculture is a technique employed to artificially induce rainfall in water-scarce regions. The method was developed in the 1940’s but it wasn’t until 2002 that it became perfected.