CNN Medical Contributor: Make Life Tough for Unvaccinated Folks


Before the CNN medical contributor’s time on-air wrapped up, she advocated measures like repeated testing and form completions for uninoculated persons.

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Debates on the COVID vaccine

There are many reasons why some Americans have not received the COVID jab. Some people have concerned about the vaccine’s lack of FDA approval; others are not eager to subject themselves to well-documented, adverse side effects stemming from the vaccine.

The Biden administration doesn’t appear willing to acknowledge these points, however. Last week, the White House alleged that accessibility is the greatest barrier to boosting vaccination rates; nonetheless, this simply is not accurate.

Many stores and pharmacies across America have signs advertising the ability to walk in and freely get a COVID vaccine. Nevertheless, the lack of accessibility narrative is a false one the Biden administration is running with to defend its “door to door” vaccination program.

Amid this development, many Americans stated no one should come knocking on their door to pester them regarding the vaccine.