Most Americans Nervous to Share Political Views Amid Heated Climate


To say that America’s political climate is heated would be a notable understatement.

On both the left and the right, views are very stark and loaded. Many Americans have their given reasons for certain outlooks; there also exists a certain level of hostility between individuals with strong opposing views.

For instance, individuals who oppose critical race theory do not have a positive outlook on advocates of critical race theory; obviously, the reverse applies also. By the same token, there is a lot of collective animosity between Trump voters and Biden voters; both sides have their views and strongly believe the other side is wrong.

Right now, there is no sign that the heated political climate will cool down anytime soon. In fact, a new poll shows that more than six out of ten Americans are leery about articulating their political opinions, due to the nature of the current climate.

Nervousness about sharing political views in America

According to the Cato Institute, more Americans than not are keeping their political views to themselves.