CNN Slams President Trump


Earlier today, CNN Communications responded to President Trump with a scathing tweet, as reported by The Hill.

President Trump vs. CNN

President Trump posted the following tweet shortly after 2:00 PM:

Apparently, CNN did not like the President’s aforementioned tweet because their communications page responded with the following message:

History Between President Trump and CNN

The above tweets are not the first time President Trump and CNN have clashed. CNN has repeatedly come under fire from both President Trump and conservatives alike for their promotion of bias, fake news. CNN isĀ known for their infamous controversies regarding the accuracy of their reports. Furthermore, CNN has faced criticism for intentionally depicting conservatives in a negative light, while treating liberals with kid gloves.

Many Trump supporters and conservative voters also slammed CNN’s earlier tweet. They noted what they view as the irony of CNN promoting “facts first.” Perhaps CNN ought to start with promoting unbiased, factual news about the President, suggested many Twitter users. Moreover, Americans made the case that President Trump’s assertion about CNN’s poor representation of the U.S. is correct.