Company Apologizes For Promoting Drug Use in Ads

Goodr apologizes for insensitive ad
Sunglass company apologizes after condoning drug use in social media post.

A sunglass company is under fire after celebrating drug use in one of their social media posts. The company, Goodr, made this post on all social media platforms:

“If you ever go on a run (or a spiritual LSD journey) in the desert, make sure you take these purple shades with orange lenses. If you start hallucinating a crying purple dragon (while Hans Zimmer plays in the background), you’re gonna want him to see your eyes. Trust us.”

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Immediately that post started receiving backlash for what the company followers call insensitivity.

One women wrote she won’t be wearing the glasses until the company apologizes, “I love Goodr’s a lot I have 5 pairs and both my daughters has a pair . Until the drug abuse campaign is taken away we will not be purchasing any new ones . This is a disgrace to people in recovery , runners , and your entire customer platform . Change it.”

Another women wrote than this was a huge a marketing fail, “I can’t believe one, let alone an ENTIRE marketing team, thought advocating hallucinogens and Vicodin is a good marketing campaign! 😡. SHAME on you Goodr!!!”

Goodr released a short statement apologizing for being insensitive.

“In response to our recent post for our Pineapple Painkiller sunglasses, we think you all deserve a better apology.

At goodr, we approach the world from a stance of fun, levity and outlandish humor. We are truly passionate about this and believe that fun can change the world and have seen it do so.

We clearly missed the mark greatly with insensitive and damaging words and have hurt people. We were wrong and we sincerely apologize for the pain we have caused.

In the future, we will do our best to use better judgment. We have already learned greatly from this experience and will continue to listen to our community, learn and grow.

Thank you.”