Concerns Emerge About Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT, Replacing Teachers


It’s no secret that the US education system has been struggling for quite some time. In the wake of COVID, many teachers opted to resign and pursue careers in other professions. This left a gap that created a shortage of necessary educators.

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At the same time, for teachers who do remain on the beat, there’s a growing push to increase their pay, due to their work’s inherent value to society.

Meanwhile, the world is seeing a rise in various artificial intelligence programs, such as ChatGPT. With this rise comes concerns about potential negative impacts that certain professions might subsequently experience.

As it turns out, teachers may not be exempt from this.

Human teachers vs. ChatGPT

Bill Gates recently made headlines for suggesting that ChatGPT may pose a threat to the work of human teachers. According to Gates, ChatGPT and other similar programs could help kids learn how to read and write.

He also posited that artificial intelligence may prove to be a great tutor, which would naturally endanger the work of human tutors today.