Conservative Governors, RNC Prepare Lawsuits Against Biden’s COVID Vaccine Mandate


Yesterday, President Biden gave one of the worst speeches to ever come from a U.S. president.

Reviewing Biden’s speech and COVID vaccine mandate

Biden insulted and attacked Americans who have not received the COVID vaccine; the president scowled and growled that “patience” with unvaccinated people is coming to a close.

Biden moreover made it a point to attack Republican governors throughout the nation. GOP governors have stood for things like parents choosing whether or not their kids wear masks in schools.

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The vast majority of Republican governors are also supportive of allowing people the choice to determine whether they want to wear masks or get vaccines, as opposed to just mandating these things.

Biden hates this and threatened to use his presidential powers against conservative governors if they don’t acquiesce and do what he wants. What’s tragic about all this is that Biden has more anger towards unvaccinated Americans and GOP governors than he does the Taliban.

On Thursday, Biden declared that he’s instructing the Labor Department to pass a very specific emergency rule. This rule would entail mandating that private businesses nationwide with 100 staffers or more implement either mandatory COVID vaccines or weekly COVID tests as employment conditions.

Nationwide backlash from Republicans and conservatives

Republicans and conservatives, in no uncertain terms, have maintained that this mandate will not stand. Moments after Biden’s speech, the Republican National Committee confirmed its decision to bring a lawsuit against the Biden administration; this lawsuit will occur the moment his mandate upon private businesses starts.

Conservative governors are also determined to shield the citizens in their states from Biden’s overreach. Republican governors, attorney generals, etc., maintain that Biden doesn’t have the authority to make this call for private businesses nationwide.

Like conservative leaders, right-wing Americans are not pleased. This attempt to dictate whether or not private businesses mandate the COVID vaccine for their staffers nationwide is the ultimate form of government overreach and medical tyranny.

Likewise, this is not based in science. Biden claimed the unvaccinated pose a threat to their vaccinated counterparts; however, in the same breath, Biden also claims the COVID vaccine shields people from serious issues with COVID. Both of these statements cannot be simultaneously accurate.

The president and his administration have a serious fight on their hands regarding this nationwide mandate on private businesses.