Conservatives Call on Biden to Restore Internet Connectivity to Cubans


Many Cubans are currently without water, food, internet access, or electrical power. This comes in response to mass protests from the Cuban people against a tyrannical communist dictatorship spanning over the course of six decades.

The Cuban communist government is not happy about protests from its people. As a means of quelling the fight for Cubans’ freedom and liberation, the communist government shut off the internet to stop communication and the spread of information.

Here in the states, conservatives leaders are urging President Biden to take action; thus far, Biden is facing calls to employ immediate steps towards the restoration of Cubans’ internet access.

Restoring Cuban people’s internet connectivity

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is one of the most outspoken Republicans on this matter. Yesterday, DeSantis spoke in Miami, urging President Biden to get internet connectivity up and running again in Cuba.

The Florida governor also stated that Biden can do this by turning Havana’s American embassy into a hotspot zone; other options additionally entail the use of offshore technology, satellite technology, and more. DeSantis ultimately made clear that Biden has multiple paths at his disposal; moreover, as time is of the essence for Cubans, Biden needs to stop dragging his feet.