Convert2Media Involvement In ‘Smart Pill’ Scam Not That Smart After All


Convert2Media Digital Media Marketing

Convert2Media, a Florida based online advertising company, is complicit in providing mass digital marketing advertisements for Intellux.  Intellux is the company behind the so-called miracle cure and anti-aging dietary supplement. The product falsely claims to be an advanced cognitive formula that improves memory, focus, and energy levels. Further, Intellux states their product has the ability to increase intelligence and reverse an aging brain. To make matters worse, digital marketing campaigns included false endorsements from Bill Gates and the late Stephen Hawking. While Convert2Media wasn’t the only offender, the company’s affiliate commissions span more than 600 marketers for Intellux and its products. For the transgression, the State of Iowa is imposing a $100,000 penalty. The penalty is in support of the State of Iowa’s consumer fraud laws.

Convert2Media and Subversive Methods 

Together with fake testimonials from public figures, Convert2Media’s methods include a sophisticated concoction of false independent product reviews, nonexistent references, and a myriad of inaccurate advertisements. Convert2Media’s actions are particularly egregious because the methods are predatory and the fake stories linked to high pressure “buy now” sales pages. As evidenced in a 2017 poll, more than sixty percent of Americans “generally trust advertisements they see, read, or hear.”

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