Convicted Robber Sues Police for Paralyzing Him


Littlejohn stated through his lawsuit that he suffers permanently as a result of his injuries. He also admits to running from the police and that he was in the process of fleeing when he was shot. Littlejohn requested compensatory and punitive damages and attorney’s fees.

On January 4, 2018, an attorney for the City of Cleveland filed a court document that asked the judge to dismiss the lawsuit. The city attorney alleged that Littlejohn lied during his deposition. In the deposition, Littlejohn stated that he used a gun in the Family Dollar robbery and gave that gun to his accomplice (which happened to be his half-brother). However, after the deposition, Littlejohn allegedly told his lawyer, Paul Cristallo, that he got rid of the gun when he ran from the police.

Cristallo doesn’t want the lawsuit dismissed because of a statement by Littlejohn that he believes proves the plaintiff was not armed when he was shot in the back by Officer Myers.

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