Coronavirus, aka Covid-1: there are more questions than answers

If you have not yet heard of the Coronavirus , then we welcome you back from your vacation on Planet Mars.  News about the Coronavirus has been all encompassing in recent weeks.  No media outlet has been spared — internet, newspaper, TV, and most importantly, the Barber Shop pipeline!

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Personally, most of my reliable information is spoken to me by my barber (allow me to refer to that person as Joe D. Barber — an alias).  The word Coronavirus has displaced almost every other phrase in search engines in recent days, with the possible exception of “Trump Russia”  and “Biden profits from Ukraine.”  The volume of information about the Coronavirus (  or specific strand Covid – 19 ) is completely overwhelming to everybody these days.  We are all inundated almost 24/7 from every media or information source on earth.
So here is a common question:  what the hell is going on?   What is true?  What is not true?  What is partially true, depending on certain variables?
Well, I need to set your expectations at an appropriate level in this initial article.  The truth is, there are more questions than answers.  This is a complex situation.  My goal is to help you ask questions, in addition to my questions, and maybe together we can all ” connect the dots.”   Asking the right questions is always important .   Agreeing on common facts ( not debatable) is equally important.  So here we go:

Start —  Questions and / or Facts.

The term ” coronavirus ” in its basic form appears to include illnesses like the common cold and bronchitis . However, when the term used by authorities and most media  — Covid – 19 is used, they appear to be describing a man made modified / patented version of the virus.  What is up with that?   Who has a patent on a virus ?  ( hint –  windows).
Today, the well known radio personality Rush Limbaugh used a phrase ” a weaponized virus.”  Now we know Rush is in poor health ( and we wish him a great recovery ), but do you think ” weaponized”  is an appropriate term for the virus?  Weaponized against whom?
The virus outbreak started in Wuhan, China.   The Chinese have a level 4 Bio Lab in Wuhan for handling and experimenting with very dangerous pathogens (read viruses).  But it is also true that Wuhan is a city selected by China to be an initial 5 G test site.  Reportedly , there are several thousand 5 G stations located in Wuhan . Many articles have been written expressing concern about the detrimental health effects from 5 G.  So is 5 G a possible health problem in Wuhan , or is it all due to the Lab accidentally releasing the Covid -19 virus?  
Are China and the USA engaged in a well known trade war?  ( absolutely YES )   So, is it possible that there is a geo political / global economic factor in play with this virus?  An attempt to gain an economic upper hand?  
Is Rod Rosenstein a former Attorney General of the USA who had some major differences with POTUS Trump?  Remember, Rod signed certain FISA documents regards spying.  I am pretty certain that is a YES.
So, is it true that Rod Rosenstein’s sister ( fellow native Philadelphian ) Nancy Messonnier is the Principal Deputy Director of the CDC?  Well that is a yes.   In fact, Ms. Anne Schuchat appeared on Bloomberg News today ( Tuesday) at 5:01 PM where she warned all Americans to be prepared for major life disruptions when the virus spread through America.  The operative phrase was “not if… but when.”
From Ms. Schuchat’s comments , which were vague , nebulous , and not specific, I could not discern any meaningful safety and preparedness actions.  The same was true for the next several Bloomberg guest virus commentators ( Yvonne Man in Hong Kong plus others).   General message was……” prepare” ….. “be ready” ….“the virus is coming” …..” not IF , but WHEN “. It was frightening. This must be one nasty version of the common cold.
The messaging from many other mainstream stations was almost identical.  I know they do not rehearse together, yet here it was ….. identical messaging.
The last time I was this frightened was when the BLOB attacked Phoenixville, Pa.  Thank God, Steve McQueen was there to save all of Pennsylvania.  Suddenly ,a message of calm was offered from POTUS Trump and from Larry Kudlow, his financial adviser.  The message was simple — we are prepared; we have this under control!
Who do you believe?   Does any person out there have any verified factual information? This is very confusing!  Write a comment. Help me connect the dots. Keep it pertinent to the coronavirus.  
I am scheduled for my next haircut next week.  I look forward to the sage
advice from Joe D. Barber.  More to follow.