Coronavirus is proving what we already know: People can work from home.


When the pandemic is over and we can once again resume our normal lives, what will normal look like? Will businesses revert to the old model? Or will we see more businesses embracing remote work?

This could well be part of the solution to many of the problems our world faces. We’ve seen air pollution cut all over the world as traffic in major cities like L.A. is reduced because people are forced to stay home.

Our world is recovering as we’re sheltering from the virus. When we can sustain work-from-home arrangements for many jobs, why should we go back to the office? Let those who perform hands-on work, like utility, transportation, medical, entertainment and other industries, do their jobs on-site. But let the rest of us, who largely do office work, do it remotely. We have the technology. We can make this better.