Coronavirus Update: Over 79,000 People Recovered from COVID-19


Shutdowns and closures of various events, businesses, and other facilities continue to maintain in the wake of coronavirus. As the government puts together more COVID-19 tests, many people are anxious and social unrest continues to mount.

In the wake of extreme reactions to the coronavirus, the United States government is urging Americans to remain calm. This past weekend, President Trump recommended people to decline from hoarding and buying out supplies from grocery stores. Government at national, state, and city levels continue to affirm their commitment to serving the American people.

While deaths and other negative consequences of COVID-19 must be taken seriously, awareness of coronavirus recoveries is equally imperative. Covering the worst aspects of COVID-19 while declining to note recoveries from the virus only further engenders mass hysteria.

Everything You Need to Know About COVID-19 Recoveries

Per the John Hopkins University of Medicine COVID-19 tracker, over 79,000 individuals have recovered from coronavirus. This number breaks down to over 55,000 recoveries in Hubei China, over 4,000 recoveries in Iran, and thousands of others around the world. Furthermore, the death toll associated with coronavirus remains less than 10% of the number of recovered individuals.