Court Denies Navient’s Motion to Dismiss Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Lawsuit


Furthermore, Mariani agreed with Shapiro’s claims that Navient directed borrowers into repayment options that were not in their best interest. He also agreed with Shapiro’s claims that the company led borrowers to miss deadlines to recertify income-driven repayment plans.

The court’s order means the attorney general’s litigation against the student loan company will move forward.

“A step closer to providing justice for students and their families”

In a statement, Shapiro said, “Navient’s deceptive practices and predatory conduct harmed student borrowers and put their own profits ahead of the interests of millions of families across our country…”

“As I said before, I stand behind this lawsuit. We will work diligently to protect borrowers, and yesterday’s win will allow us to proceed towards trial.  We still have important work to do in the case, but this brings us one step closer in our fight to provide justice to the students and families in Pennsylvania and across the country who have been harmed by Navient,” he added.