Medical and MBA Grads Want to Work in Tech

Photo by from Pexels

Professional social media site, LInkedIn, has published a pair of studies that show more doctors and medical professionals are working in technology based fields. The survey was conducted for one week in mid-October of this year. 500 physicians and pharmacists in the U.S. who graduated within the last five years were surveyed. Of the 500, 47 percent said they were either very interested, or somewhat interested in working in a technology related field.

Some reasons these medical professionals want to work in tech are their substance of work is more intriguing, their total compensation would be hire, they would be working in a better atmosphere and their work life balance would be much more balanced than if they were in the medical field.

Other insights from the LinkedIn’s survey found that 25 percent of medical professionals feel that their peers only transfer to tech based jobs for money, and completely disregard their passion. Another 48 percent of physicians and pharmacists in the U.S. believe the technology industry has such an incredible appeal, it’s hard for some professionals to turn offers down.

A seperate but similar LinkedIn survey, conducted at the same time, found that 54 percent of recent Master’s of Bussiness Administration (MBS) gradutaes were ALSO interested in the tech industry. The MBS grads surveyed had to have financial experience and must have graduated in the last five to participate.

LInkedIn reports that 58 percent of male surveyees, and 48 percent of female surveyees say they are somewhat interested or very interested in the tech sector. The top three resons these MBS grads want to work in tech are the amount of money they will get paid is hire than other industry’s, tech companys and tech workplaces have better atmospheres, and the type of work the grads would be doing is more suited for their interests.