Court docs reveal the disturbing admission of Joran van der Sloot that he shoved Natalee Holloway into a Rock


An Alabama judge declared Natalie dead in 2012.

Suspect admits to killing Holloway

Van der Sloot’s account of the events leading to Holloway’s death has always been inconsistent. His lawyer has described him as an “ill person” with “psychological problems.” And has suggested his credibility may be questionable. In fact, van der Sloot has admitted to lying about the Holloway case in several past interviews.

The latest revelation came to light as part of an extortion plot. Van der Sloot reportedly demanded $250,000 from Beth Holloway, Natalee’s mother to tell her what happened to Natalie.

 He claimed that he had been with Natalee on the night of her disappearance and had pushed her to the ground when she tried to prevent him from leaving. According to the court documents, he stated that her fatal injuries were a result of hitting her head on a rock. And added that the teenager’s body was buried beneath a house foundation in Aruba.

However, when authorities investigated the location provided by van der Sloot, no body was found.