Courts validate lawsuit over Florida school reopenings, hearings continue


While the value of education cannot be argued, requiring the full student body to return to in-person schooling is what has people worried. This is in stark contrast to states which have held off on allowing students back in their school doors while the COVID-19 pandemic is still in full swing. 

The Florida Education Association quickly filed a lawsuit against the governor and education officials, alleging reckless behavior on their part.

“The Florida Constitution requires that state entities and public officials, who are charged with overseeing the funding and operations of public education, ensure that our schools operate safely … Defendants cannot legally deny students, public school staff, their family members, and the public with whom they come in contact within the public-school system their basic human needs for health and safety,” the lawsuit says.

Governor Desantis has been adamant about his decision to reopen schools this fall, emphasizing the role schools play in preventing child abuse.