COVID Vaccine Mandates Won’t Persuade Unvaccinated Americans to Get the Shot


Last Thursday, President Biden announced a sweeping series of COVID vaccine mandates for private businesses with over 100 people working for them. Biden stated that these private businesses have to either have their employees vaccinate or test for COVID on a weekly basis.

Republicans across the United States maintain that such a mandate is illegal, unconstitutional, and the height of government overreach. Furthermore, the Republican National Committee, conservative governors, and business owners are vowing to sue Biden over this mandate.

When Biden announced this vaccine requirement, he vented over his waning patience with Americans who still lack COVID vaccination. However, a recent survey shows that mandates will not persuade unvaccinated Americans to get the COVID shot.

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The truth about Americans without vaccination against COVID

At this point in time, virtually everyone who wants the vaccine has received it. Biden, right now, is just attempting to strong-arm and tyrannize Americans without the COVID vaccine into getting the jab. The president seeks to do this by making life as rough as possible for the unvaccinated.

However, findings from CNBC/Change Research prove the futility of Biden’s efforts. According to the survey, 83% of unvaccinated people aren’t planning to get the vaccine ever. 87% of the unvaccinated moreover declared that vaccine mandates from their employers would not make them roll up their sleeves.

In an interesting twist, though, messaging from the medical community has contributed to distrust in the COVID vaccine. CNBC/Change Research also discovered that 53% explained their likelihood of COVID vaccination lowered after health officials started pushing for booster shots.

Over the past several months, polls have consistently shown that bribes and government coercion will not force unvaccinated Americans to join their vaccinated counterparts.

The uselessness of COVID vaccine mandates

Coronavirus vaccine mandates, in a nutshell, are utterly useless. They are not changing any minds. Many Americans who are deadset on not getting the vaccine have also quit their jobs because of COVID vaccine mandates.

In fact, a New York hospital is pausing baby deliveries, due to staffing shortages stemming from COVID vaccine mandates. This leftist, statist notion that Americans can simply get forced into getting a vaccine they do not want is not supported by real-world evidence.