COVID Vaccines Fail to Stop Surging Cases, Hospitalizations, Deaths


From almost the inception of the COVID pandemic, health officials stated that a COVID vaccine was the key to back to normal. Yet, even with more than 50% of U.S. citizens fully vaccinated, health officials keep moving the goalposts.

Towards the end of July, the CDC reversed their previous guidance which stated that vaccinated people didn’t need to wear face coverings. The CDC stated that due to the delta variant, vaccinated folks should mask up after all.

Over the past several weeks, there are growing reports of people being hospitalized and dying due to COVID…even with their fully vaccinated status. Some new Labor Day COVID statistics also provide troubles for people promoting the vaccine as the end all be all.

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The truth about COVID data and COVID vaccines

According to Johns Hopkins University, COVID cases for Labor Day 2021 are 316% higher than they were for Labor Day 2020. Meanwhile, hospitalizations stemming from COVID have a current 158% surge. Virus deaths also remain almost two times as high.