Cruz Traveling to Iowa for Midterm Election Campaigning


In addition to campaigning on behalf of Hasso, Sen. Cruz will also speak at an event for GOP Rep. Ashley Hinson. Hinson is up for re-election next year; her holding onto her seat also remains vital for the GOP taking back the House.

The likelihood of a red wave

As things currently stand, there are several factors that contribute to the strong likelihood of a 2022 red wave. For starters, many House Democrats are either resigning or not seeking re-election in the chamber. Secondly comes redistricting, a change that is not working in Democrats’ favor.

There’s also the reality that the party which controls the White House doesn’t historically do well during the off-season midterms. This reality is coupled with the fact that one disaster after the other has followed the leadership of Biden and a Congress controlled by Democrats.

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All in all, Republicans have a very strong chance of winning next year’s midterms.