Gov. Cuomo forgoes face mask despite urging others to “mask up”


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is one of the most vocal proponents of face masks. Cuomo even maintains that America needs a nationwide face mask mandate. In light of this, the Democrat governor is now facing criticism for a photograph of him outside without a face mask on.

Many Democrat leaders have made it a point to push face masks. Despite mixed science, reports of acne from frequent masking, and even dental hygiene issues known as “mask mouth,” proponents of face masks argue that everyone has a duty to wear face masks.

In the quest to get everyone to “mask up,” Democrats are pushing for a national face mask mandate. This is something that President Trump has said he will not implement; however, the president himself has worn face coverings on certain occasions.

What to know about criticisms of the New York governor

Many Americans disagree with mandatory masking; although, this alone is not the only area where the New York governor has met backlash. Cuomo’s management of nursing homes amid coronavirus (and more specifically, allowing COVID-19-positive individuals to come into contact with nursing home patients) hasn’t sat well with many people.