Cybersecurity: Director Wray describes Iran’s cyberattack at children’s hospital 


According to FBI top cop Director Wray, the FBI stopped a cyberattack on a Boston children’s hospital that involved a hacker gang that was sponsored by the Iranian government.

The US continues to confront a dangerous world with the new frontier being in cyberspace. The FBI continues its fight against ransomware attacks from hacker gangs.  And cybersecurity can only be achieved when our nation’s information systems are in sync with law enforcement. 

On Wednesday Boston College and the FBI hosted the 6th Boston Conference on Cyber Security (BCCS 2022). And the one-day live-streamed event opened with a keynote speech from Christopher Wray, the FBI director.

Boston children’s hospital attack

Wray told the conference that FBI agents learned of a planned digital attack targeting Boston Children’s Hospital. And last summer the FBI was able to block Iran’s hackers. It could potentially have been “one of the most despicable cyberattacks…”

“And quick actions by everyone involved, especially at the hospital, protected both the network and the sick kids who depended on it,” Wray said.