Cybersecurity: How to clean up your digital footprint during a techno-pandemic


Any logins or passwords deleted in your password manager doesn’t delete the underlying account. You need to log in to the site to remove your account forever.

Clear out your in-box

Old email accounts and old emails are a source of data breaches. It’s also very possible that many emails that were never opened are corrupted with viruses or phishing malware. 

Delete your old email accounts. Clear out old emails from the account that is still active. Don’t open the emails you are deleting. Email phishing is one of the primary ways that hackers gain access to your information.  

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We are in the middle of a techno-pandemic. Life is changing. There are definitely some great advantages to living in a digital world. But there are undeniable issues. Stay safe out there and keep your private-data, as private as, possible.


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