Cybersecurity: How to clean up your digital footprint during a techno-pandemic


Sometimes, it’s not just a bad actor hacking in. Sometimes the company you trust is taking your info and categorizing it before they pass it off to one of their partners so that they can target you for a marketing campaign.

Cyber protection planning

It is worth repeating that an online user needs basic two-step protection.

  1. Use a password manager
  2. Use a good two-factor authentication app

Even if you use a password manager, continue to create unique strong passwords. And change them often.

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Delete old accounts 

If you have been using a password manager for a while, all your passwords and accounts are saved for you. Just follow directions to get rid of them.

If you haven’t been using a password manager go through deletion websites like Just Delete Me or Accountkiller

There are also password tools built into most browsers.  

On Chrome: Click your profile icon in the top right and then the key icon. On Firefox: Click the three-bar menu in the top right, and then click Logins and passwords.