DACA Beneficiaries Tear into Democrats: “They’re Using Us!”


New reports affirm that certain recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program are not too happy with Democrats.

DACA Beneficiaries on Democrats

Hilario Yanez, a DACA beneficiary, met with the right-leaning Daily Caller News Foundation in order to converse about the what’s to come for individuals who benefit from DACA. Yanez had the opportunity to tour Washington D.C.’s United States Capitol; during his tour, Yanez noted his struggles with meeting with Democrats during the negotiations over the border wall.

To be precise, Yanez declared that Democrats discarded individuals like him:

“Democrats threw us under the bus and they’re using us as a 2020 issue and that’s very disappointing.”

His statements come after Democrats’ contribution to the recently signed bipartisan legislation to keep government open. The legislation completely lacked any safeguards for DACA beneficiaries. Yanez didn’t like this, particularly since Democrats have previously professed to care for the plights of the Dreamers.

Criticisms of Democrats and Immigration

Yanez is one of the first DACA beneficiaries to publicly call out Democrats on their immigration policies. However, the left-wing is no stranger to backlash on their various political stances. Like Yanez, conservatives have also stated that Democrats do not truly care for Dreamers; instead, they maintain that the left only cares about using Dreamers as political pawns.

Right-wing censure towards the Democrats’ lax stance on illegal immigration is quite common. Conservatives overwhelmingly believe that individuals who wish to enter the United States must do so lawfully. Furthermore, right-leaning Americans are likelier to favor merit-based immigration.

The left appears to view matters quite differently. Many Democrats have publicly championed pathways to citizenship and stated that people who come to the border have the right to enter the country. In recent times, the right-wing has suggested that Democrats benefit from the votes of illegal immigrants.

Thus far, Hilario Yanez’s concerns go unanswered by the Democrats. No reports have stated that any left-wing leaders or figureheads have reached out to Yanez. Whether or not this changes in the future currently remains unknown.

Since President Trump’s time in office, Democrats have faced accusations of caring more about taking down the president than about fighting for the causes which they claim to care about.