Is the Russia Investigation Coming to an End?


As events in American politics continue to play out, there is talk about the Russia investigation finally coming to its end.

The End of the Russia Investigation?

News about the potential end of the Russia probe comes as Attorney General William Barr is expecting to receive a report from special counsel Robert Mueller. Once Barr is in possession of the aforementioned report, he will then determine the amount of intel which is directed to Congress.

Talk about the end of the Mueller probe has persisted for months; although, it still remains ongoing. Mueller’s investigation remains active since May 2017. As many Americans are aware, the purpose of the investigation is to determine whether or not President Trump colluded with the Russian government in order to win the 2016 presidential election.

The Russia investigation has prompted the apparent downfall of many individuals. These individuals include, but are not restricted to, Michael Cohen, Roger Stone, etc. Since the inception of the probe, Americans have speculated whether or not Trump or his family will go down. Thus far, the president and first family remain free of any legal issues regarding the Mueller probe.

The General Consensus of the Russia Investigation

There is no one-size-fits-all perspective regarding the Russia investigation. Americans across the nation each have their own views and takeaways. However, viewpoints and outlooks generally share correlations with partisanship and political affiliations.

For instance, Americans who support President Trump and maintain conservative views are likelier to view the Mueller probe unfavorably. Conversely, Americans who oppose the president or harbor liberal viewpoints are more likely to support the probe.

President Trump has never hesitated to articulate his thoughts on the Mueller investigation. Since its inception, Trump has maintained that the probe is useless, baseless, and politically motivated. Referring to the probe as a “hoax” on multiple occasions, Trump moreover claims that he never colluded with the Russian government. Like the president, Trump supporters have also dismissed Mueller’s long-term probe into supposed collusion.

Left-leaning Americans overwhelmingly view the Mueller probe favorably. In addition to championing the probe, liberals have also claimed that it has merit and ought to continue.

Only time will tell whether or not the Russia investigation is close to reaching its end.