Suit claims Dan Bilzerian’s lifestyle ‘rented,’ paid for with company money

Dan Bilzerian, center, at a Los Angeles Lakers game. - GETTY IMAGES

Dan Bilzerian has garnered a reputation as a gun toting playboy living a lavish lifestyle rife with supermodels, yachts, extravagant parties and globetrotting.

In a lawsuit filed last week, it is alleged that Bilzerian’s luxurious lifestyle is wholly ‘rented,’ with someone else picking up the tab. It turns out that the ‘someone’ is actually Bilzerian’s company Ignite International Ltd., which Bilzerian founded and serves as CEO and majority shareholder.

According to Curtis Heffernan, Ignite’s former president who was recently ousted, Bilzerian’s exorbitant $2.4 million annual rent for his home in the Los Angeles hills is billed to the company, as are other personal expenses.

Heffernan alleges Bilzerian’s addiction to using company money is one explanation for the company’s reported $50 million loss last year. Furthermore, the lawsuit claims that Heffernan was fired by Bilzerian for looking into the Instagram influencer’s finances and tricks used to hide his spending.

Bilzerian has fired back, denying outright Heffernan’s claim in a recent statement to TMZ. On top of Heffernan’s lawsuit, former Ignite employees have confirmed multiple details in the lawsuit.