Dan Bilzerian slams Cardi B for apologizing promoting a fundraiser for Armenia

Dan Bilzerian, center, at a Los Angeles Lakers game. - GETTY IMAGES

Dan Bilzerian, a social media celebrity, professional poker player, and CEO of Ignite International Brands Ltd (OTCMKTS: BILTZSF) condemned Twitter for censoring his latest posts. He also slammed Cardi B for apologizing after receiving backlash for promoting a fundraiser for Armenia.

Last week, Bilzerian posted a tweet regarding the ongoing fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh. He expressed his support for Armenian soldiers, telling them to “keep fighting the good fight.” He also claimed that in his tweet that Azerbaijan soldiers “sodomize farm animals.”

Bilzerian accused Azerbaijani fighters of sodomizing farm animals

“To all the Armenian boys out there fighting to not be eradicated, stay strong, your nation is behind you, I’m behind you. I’m proud of you guys, keep fighting the good fight. & remember no matter how bad things get at least you aren’t Azerbaijani & you don’t sodomize farm animals,” wrote Bilzerian.

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Thousands of his followers liked the tweet but Twitter removed it from its platform. The social network also temporarily suspended some of his account features.

Twitter explained that Bilzerian violated its rules and warned that further violation will result in the “permanent suspension” of his account.

In response to the social network’s action, Bilzerian tweeted that he is “so sick of media censorship.”

 Bilzerian called Cardi B’s apology as the “dumbest” he ever heard

Also last Friday, Bilzerian blasted rapper Cardi B for apologizing to people for using her social media platform to promote a fundraiser for Armenia. She made the apology after receiving criticisms online

In a voice message posted on Twitter, Cardi B explained that she is not aware that there is an ongoing war between Armenia and Azerbaijan. She promoted the event to support a friend. She also said, “My wish is—since I did a little bit of research today because you guys gave me so much comments – my wish is that both the countries would just be at peace.”

Bilzerian described Cardi B’s voice message as the “dumbest fu**ing recording” he ever listened to.” He also said celebrities “need to get a thicker skin”

It is obvious that he deeply cares about what’s going on in Armenia. Take note that he is an Armenian American and his brother Adam Bilzerian and their family promised to give $250,000 for the governments of Armenia and  Artsakh.

There is another thing that is so obvious, the Ignite CEO is silent about the ongoing financial woes confronting his cannabis firm.


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