Dan Crenshaw Tears A Strip Off Pelosi On Relief Package


Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw gave House Speaker and California Rep. Nancy Pelosi the verbal the smackdown she deserves and it was beautiful to watch.

It was last Friday when Speaker Pelosi admitted what many of us had suspect for a long time. She held up a coronavirus relief package and is now willing to pass a cheaper on because, she said, there is a new president.

“It’s what we had on our bills. It’s for a shorter period of time but that’s OK now because we have a new president,” the Speaker said. “A president that recognizes that we need to depend on science to stop the virus.”

“President-elect Biden has said this package would be at best just a start,” she said. “That’s how we see it, as well.”

That made many conservatives, and even some liberals, furious. Chief among them Rep. Crenshaw who tore into her on Wednesday.

“But we now have a full admission. She said the quiet part out loud. This was never about what was best for the American people, never about honest policy disagreement. It was about preventing President Trump from getting any credit. It was about politics.