Death Threats Against Pence, Secret Service Investigating

Vice President Mike Pence

With nine days remaining until the arrival of a Biden White House administration, many Americans are not pleased. Beliefs that voter fraud stole the 2020 presidential election remain widespread and ongoing.

As a result of this, the blame game has commenced. Some folks are not only pointing their fingers at the Democrats, but also at Republicans too. In a new turn of events, Vice President Mike Pence is facing heat from certain disillusioned conservatives.

Prior to January 6, some Republicans believed that Pence had the power to unilaterally hand the 45th president a second term by either changing electors or not counting certain states’ electoral votes. Both the vice president and a litany of law and constitutional experts have stated that such beliefs are incorrect.

On Wednesday, Congress completed the certification and confirmation of Joe Biden as the incoming president. In the wake of this, Pence is now facing a series of death threats.

Reviewing death threats against Pence

Lin Wood, a self-professed pro-Trump lawyer, is one party who has waged death threats against Pence. In a series of since-removed social media posts, Wood professed that the vice president should “go first” when the “firing squads” are made ready.

The collective group of individuals who stormed the U.S. Capitol on the 6th are additionally responsible for death threats against the vice president. Video footage shows the group breaching Capitol Hill while also chanting “hang Pence.”

Shortly after Twitter banned President Trump from Twitter over concerns about incitement of violence, “hang Pence” trended. After Twitter became aware of this matter, the company issued a block to stop this message from trending on their platform.

Where is the U.S. Secret Service?

Due to the nature of threats against Pence, some Americans are questioning whether or not Secret Service is also aware.

On Saturday, Secret Service spoke with Fox News and confirmed that they are very much aware of the death threats waged against the vice president. Secret Service additionally informed that they take seriously all threats against individuals under their protection.

Time will tell whether or not additional action follows against those who have threatened the current vice president.

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