Deepfake Technology Goes Mainstream: Deep Nostalgia Animates Old Family Photos


MyHeritage just introduced a new service called Deep Nostalgia. The popular genealogy site is using Deepfake technology to animate family photos of days gone by. It’s going viral.

The site launched an easy-to-use, free trial in late February, which is being widely used via Twitter. Users can upload animated family photos, celebrities, and gaming-related stills.

What Deep Nostalgia creates isn’t always realistic, but the fakes are getting better-and-better. With improved tech, fake videos are getting difficult to distinguish, even with available image forensics.

Deep Nostalgia Uses AI Technology

The program uses deep learning networks of interconnected nodes which autonomously run computations on input data. The algorithm gets “trained” on the faces in photographs – sometimes even deceased relatives. Using this AI “training,” the nodes eventually arrange themselves to complete a particular task. The task was manipulating video to create convincing animated fakes.