Democrat Party Zinged Over Support for Critical Race Theory


The political left has wholly thrown its support behind critical race theory. Critical race theory is nothing short of a Marxist political ideology. This ideology views all structures via the lens of race; critical race theory furthermore alleges that white individuals are innately oppressive merely due to their race, while also depicting people of color as inherent victims.

Republicans understandably don’t want this type of political view being pushed onto children; however, Democrats are all for it. The left continues to denounce any concerns that conservatives bring up regarding critical race theory.

Yesterday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy called out the Democrat Party for its consistent and present ties to racism.

McCarthy on critical race theory and the Democrat Party

On Tuesday, Leader McCarthy spoke on the congressional floor about the ills of critical race theory. The House Republican first prefaced his remarks by noting Democrats’ historical ties to racism. McCarthy pointed out that the Democrat Party is the one which backed slavery, Jim Crow laws, segregation, the Ku Klux Klan, etc.