Democratic Governor Comes Out Against Biden’s Nationwide COVID Vaccine Mandate


The more time passes, the more readily apparent it becomes that President Biden’s nationwide COVID vaccine mandate is just not going to work out. Already, the mandate is facing lawsuits from not just Republicans across the country, but also from religious groups and business associations.

Earlier this year, the Biden administration itself conceded a national vaccine mandate is not the role of the federal government. Then, they completely threw that out the window and declared Biden does have the legal authority to implement such a mandate.

The Federal Appeals Court doesn’t think so, however. Over the weekend, the court halted the edict; in so doing, they also noted the serious problems regarding statutory and constitutional matters tied to this vaccine mandate.

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Now, a Democrat governor has joined the chorus of Americans sounding off against the 46th president’s unlawful COVID vaccination order.

The Kansas governor on Biden vaccination edict

Several days ago, Kansas Democrat Governor Laura Kelly released a public statement about the COVID vaccine mandate from the president. The statement, while cordial, also makes it clear Kelly does not back the mandate, despite her status as a Democrat.