Democrats Are Pushing to Implement Supreme Court Term Limits


Also, Supreme Court justices who’ve served on the court for the longest periods of time would be first in line for senior status. Put simply, senior status justices, under this bill, would hold onto their offices and salaries that come with the job.

They’d do this while being next in line for associate justice status.

Democrats on the need for this bill

Left-wing lawmakers continue to warn the Supreme Court’s legitimacy is looking shakier as time passes. Democrats likewise maintain that five of the six conservative justices arrived on the court via appointments from presidents who didn’t win the popular vote.

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Additionally, leftist legislators warn the Supreme Court continues issuing rulings that are out of touch. This follows Democrats’ view that the conservative majority should ultimately get diluted.

This is why many Democrats, and progressives especially, have expressed support for expanding the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court Tenure Establishment and Retirement Modernization Act, due to its inherently partisan nature, may pass the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives. However, it’s likely dead on arrival by the time it reaches the 50-50 split Senate.