Democrats Could Lose Donor Support Ahead of 2022 Midterms


Getting the Build Back Better agenda from a bill to a law is one of the biggest goals of President Biden. However, in order to make this happen, he needs the help of Congress.

Biden’s been practically on his hands and knees pleading with leftist legislators to get his agenda through Congress. However, Democrats in the House and Senate are still not seeing eye to eye on what the particulars of this legislation should entail.

The lack of progress on Biden’s agenda comes in spite of the president warning his term and Democrats’ control over the Senate and House will be largely impacted by the success (or lack thereof) of Build Back Better.

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Biden isn’t the only one eager to get his agenda passed. Apparently, some leftist donors are telling Democrats they won’t put their funds towards the 2022 midterms until lawmakers pass the president’s bill.

A rough path forward?

One Democrat fundraiser maintains the party’s donors are letting lawmakers know they are not pleased. This displeasure stems from not just the lack of progress on getting Biden’s agenda through Congress; it also deals with the squabbling going on within the Democrat Party.