SQUID plunges from $2,860 to $0, Trader Loses His Life Savings in the Investment

Squid Game by Netflix
Squid Game by Netflix

A cryptocurrency that is inspired by the Netflix show “Squid Game” has been hitting the news lately. SQUID cryptocurrency surged by more than 2,400% in 24hours and new traders started investing heavily in the digital token. For instance, Bernard is one investor who made a bet on the digital currency but things didn’t turn out so great for him.

“Squid Game” – a South Korean Netflix series is a deadly tournament for adults who compete. The winners of the tournament in the series compete for a prize and the price they pay is their lives. Meanwhile, SQUID is a currency inspired by the show that surged in price in few days after its appearance.

Bernard Falls For the SQUID scam

Bernard heard about SQUID and started reading news and articles about the digital token. At first, things seemed legit for him and he decided to invest his entire life savings of $28,000 in the digital token. On Monday, SQUID surged to as high as $2,860, however, it wasn’t long before it plummeted to nearly zero in few hours, according to CoinMarketCap.

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