Democrats Fail to Persuade Manchin Against Senate Filibuster


The Senate filibuster remains a matter of contention, especially as Democrats on Capitol Hill aim to pass For the People Act. Democrats often refer to this bill as “voting rights” legislation; however, the content of this bill would prohibit voter ID laws, force taxpayers to fund left-wing campaigns, and more.

Needless to say, For the People Act doesn’t have a shred of Republican support. Therefore, in a 50/50 Senate, the only hope Democrats have of passing For the People Act is eliminating the filibuster.

However, Democrats are also lacking the votes for this. While the progressive wing of the Democrat Party is all for ensuring the filibuster’s demise, moderate Senate Democrats like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are not on board.

Over the weekend, Sen. Manchin maintained his support for keeping the filibuster in place.

Manchin on the filibuster in the Senate

While speaking with CNN yesterday, Manchin confirmed that his support for the Senate filibuster still stands. The West Virginia lawmaker also informed that he cannot fathom a scenario in which he backs the removal of the filibuster.