Are Democrats Hurting their Chances of Winning Midterm Elections?


Earlier today, The Hill stated that Democrat may be, in fact, sabotaging their own chances of winning the forthcoming midterm elections.

The Democrats and Upcoming Midterms

The op-ed begins by asserting that Democrats may not be as prepared for midterm elections as some believe. The piece then goes on to bring the Democratic message and “brand” into question. The division within the Democrat Party is also a noted factor. For instance, many Americans have stated that tensions still exist between “establishment/corporate” Democrats and “progressive/hard left” Democrats. Whether or not these two groups unite and vote accordingly for the sake of a “blue wave” in November currently remains to be seen.

Finally, The Hill goes on to assert that the overall lack of clarity of the Democrat’s “party platform” is the most problematic aspect:

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Is there one party platform to which we all aspire,” questions the op-ed writer. “If our candidates are encouraged most strongly to reflect and react to conditions within their own races and to tweak their stands to match perceived voter trends, we are at real risk of losing the collective values of inclusion and fighting for the working class that drove Democrats to be Democrats.

The Current State of the Democrat Party

The overall state of the Democrat Party objectively varies. Each person has their own outlook. Overall, the political climate has intensified and arguably increased in toxicity since the 2016 Presidential election. Democrats have moreover branded themselves as the party of ‘The Resistance” since President Trump’s time in office. Various Americans have their own idea of whether or not this new stance is helpful or harmful to Democrats.