Democrats Move to Win “Trump Country” Voters Ahead of 2022 Races


Democrats, however, somehow think they have a chance of getting these voters to support them during next year’s midterms. The leftist sales pitch therefore entails Democrats drawing attention to President Biden’s infrastructure proposal. What they aren’t noting, however, is that the bill is less than 10% centered on projects like bridges and roads.

When President Biden recently gave a speech in Pennsylvania, he made sure to mention his administration’s commitment to “buying American.”

Can Democrats win back voters in “Trump country?”

At this time, it’s not very likely that Democrats will get midterm support from voters in rural and blue collar areas.

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After all, Biden spit in the faces of these voters back in January following his cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline. When Democrats faced backlash for this, they alleged that green jobs would replace jobs from Keystone Pipeline; however, these green jobs are nowhere to be found over six months later.

Republicans, as it stands, are in a very good position right now. They only need to win a few seats to take back the Senate and House of Representatives.