Democrats Move to Win “Trump Country” Voters Ahead of 2022 Races


The 2022 midterms are getting closer and closer with each passing day. Democrats have already conveyed to one another the very real possibility of them losing their majorities in Congress to Republicans.

The majorities Democrats currently have in Congress are razor thin and they know it. This is why Democrats are so fearful of election integrity bills that Republicans are passing in several states. The left ultimately believes that they cannot win elections if everything is done properly and by the book.

Many Americans who voted for Democrats are displeased with the current administration. They’re annoyed with inflation and the fact that Biden hasn’t done anything to show real support for the uprisings against communism in Cuba.

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For the sake of not losing the 2022 midterm races to Republicans, Democrats are now seeking out support from voters in “Trump country.”

The campaign to win over “Trump country” voters

Voters in “Trump country” are ones who previously voted for the 45th president, due to feeling left behind by the Democrat Party. Generally, these voters also live in places that are rural and blue collar.