Democrats Pass House Resolution 1 on Election Reform


Democrats believe that legislation of this nature will strengthen America’s democracy. Meanwhile, Republicans are sounding the alarm over the path that H.R. 1 would clear for the federal government to meddle in states’ elections.

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The measure must now go to the Senate for the upper chamber to hold a vote. Despite the 50/50 split between Republican and Democrat senators, it won’t be enough for all Democrats to vote in favor and then have Vice President Harris break the tie.

Due to the nature of H.R.1, 60 Senate votes will be required for it to pass. This means that even if every single Democrat senator votes in favor, they will need at least ten Republicans to also back this legislation. Given the innately partisan nature of H.R.1, Democrats are unlikely to get the necessary votes to pass it into law.

More wasteful, partisan spending in Congress

As Democrats work to stop election security legislation, they’re also backing massive spending in the American Rescue Plan; it’s important to note that this spending has absolutely nothing to do with coronavirus either.