Democrats Pass House Resolution 1 on Election Reform


Amid massive disputes about the integrity of the 2020 presidential election, both the American left and right are working on passing election-related reforms into law.

Republicans have consistently maintained that elections should be comprised of legal votes; Democrats, on the other hand, are openly supportive of measures that create a greater risk of voter fraud. Whenever the GOP so much as mentions the need for greater election security, Democrats wrongly claim that Republicans seek to suppress the vote.

As Democrats keep the false narrative of GOP voter suppression going, they’re also working on passing legislation of their own. On Wednesday, Democrats passed House Resolution 1, a bill that would significantly lead to potential voter fraud and other irregularities.

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What to know about H.R. 1

H.R. 1 contains a series of provisions that the U.S. Senate will now have to vote on. These provisions include the restoration of ex-felons’ voting rights, automatic registration of U.S. voters, and same-day voter registration. Under H.R. 1, states would furthermore face severe limitations on their abilities to purge any voters from their rolls.