Demonstrators at Ohio Statehouse protest face covering mandate


Some participants in the protest also provided statements about their qualms regarding compulsory face coverings. One person noted the muddled science and mixed professional feedback regarding the true effectiveness of masks.

Other protesters raised inquiries about the truthfulness of information shared by the healthcare community. These questions come along with certain reports about contaminated coronavirus tests, false positives, and other questionable occurrences.

Many Americans also feel as though the World Health Organization (WHO) has flip-flopped on data regarding coronavirus transmission from asymptomatic individuals.

Rising dissent against compulsory face masking

Many politicians and public health officials are demanding that Americans “mask up.” However, these demands appear to be triggering the opposite impact than intended.

A growing number of people are expressing qualms about face masking. This week, many giant retailers will require customers to wear face masks while shopping in their stores. This move has already prompted criticism from some consumers who are claiming they won’t shop at these stores.