DeSantis Claps Back at Unprovoked Attacks From Trump


One of Trump’s latest attacks against DeSantis also accuses the Florida governor of being misleading about how he handled COVID during the apex of the pandemic.

On Tuesday, DeSantis noted during a Bradenton press event that he’s used to facing attacks from all angles. As such, the governor stressed that ultimately, the people of Florida are the ones who get to “render a judgment” on his performance.

This is when DeSantis noted he was reelected by the greatest margin of any GOP governor in his state. Of course, Trump conveniently neglects to mention this when taking jabs at the Florida governor.

Many conservatives applauded DeSantis’ response to Trump, stating the Florida governor addressed the issue without getting too in the weeds.


There are some in the Republican Party who are growing tired of Trump attacking DeSantis.  Trump is now insisting it would be “disloyal” for DeSantis to run in the 2024 presidential election.

Once again, Trump’s logic behind this train of thought is a strange one. Trump believes an endorsement he gave in 2018 ought to prelude DeSantis from making individual choices about his own political career.