DeSantis Enjoys Lead Over Trump in New Poll


David McIntosh, the president of Club For Growth, has even gone on record stating that DeSantis holds the “strongest position” in terms of who the GOP should nominate in 2024. 

This is not the first time polls have shown DeSantis ahead of Trump, despite the former not having even formally entered the 2024 presidential election. Though if DeSantis does decide to run, he will likely make the announcement later this year.

Club For Growth has invited DeSantis and other Republicans to a retreat for their donors. However, the organization declined to extend an invitation to Trump.

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Finally, more data from the polls shows that DeSantis fares better than Trump among more diverse members of the electorate. This includes moderate conservatives, moderates, and liberals.

In a national presidential election, each of these demographics is vital to securing enough votes to win the White House.

More bad news for Trump

As more Republicans warm up to DeSantis possibly running for president, Trump is waging more attacks against him. This has now created a situation where Senate Republicans are going to bat for DeSantis.