DeSantis Moves to Counter Biden’s COVID Vaccine Mandates


According to the Biden administration, COVID vaccine mandates work. However, the real world consequences of these mandates are telling a different story.

Employees across the nation have chosen to take a stand against mandates, even if taking that stand means losing their jobs. First responders in various cities are saying they will not take the vaccine; some of these city employees are even filing lawsuits or seeking exemptions.

As time passes, more establishments are speaking out about the adverse impact COVID vaccine mandates are having on their ability to keep people employed. Even the Federal Reserve recently conceded these mandates are driving gaps in the workforce.

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Over the weekend, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis moved to counter the COVID vaccine mandates coming from the White House.

The Florida governor on COVID vaccine mandates

First and foremost, it is crucial to note that Biden’s federal vaccine mandates for workers has not gone into practice yet. OSHA is still putting together the particulars. However, Republicans, the Jobs Creators Network, and others are vowing to sue the second the ink for these mandates is dry on paper.

During a sit-down with Fox News, Governor DeSantis noted that Florida’s taken action against counties which implement COVID vaccine mandates. Leon County, Florida recently earned fines surpassing $3 million, due to their implementation of COVID vaccine requirements.

DeSantis later noted Biden federal vaccine mandate is at odds with the Constitution. Later in the interview, DeSantis also stated this mandate is going to wreak horrors and devastation on the nation’s economy.

The Florida governor is furthermore moving to have the state legislature pass bills into law that prohibit COVID vaccine mandates, not just for customers in Florida, but also for workers.

DeSantis vs. Biden

Since Biden got into office, he’s repeatedly butted heads with the Republican governor of Florida. DeSantis maintains that he will not stand by and let this president trample over Floridians’ freedoms, jobs, and abilities to engage in society.

Earlier this year, Biden told DeSantis and other GOP governors to remove themselves from his way. However, the Florida governor pushed back. DeSantis professed so long as Biden is attacking Floridians’ freedoms and jobs, he’ll continue standing in Biden’s way.