Detroit Republican vote challengers reportedly locked-out, unable to observe ballot-counting process

Republican vote challengers locked out in Detroit Michigan

Election officials in Detroit, Michigan refused to allow dozens of Republican vote challengers to re-enter the TFC Center and observe the ballot-counting process.

Detroit election officials told Republican vote challengers that the area is already overcrowded and could no longer let people in. The decision strengthened their belief that there is an irregularity in the ballot-counting process and demanded that election officials “stop the vote” count.

Michigan Trump Victory Deputy State Director Drew Thompson tweeted images and a video of what was going on at the TFC Center. According to him, President Donald Trump’s supporters were upset for being locked-out and chanted “let us in” and “stop the vote.”

He wrote, “Detroit election officials are currently refusing to let the public observe the counting process at the TCF center, have padlocked the doors. This is a disgrace to the democratic process.”