Did Joe Biden Admit He is Not Truly Running for President?


Conservatives have drawn attention to the former vice president’s patterns of misspeaking, reading from teleprompters, and confusing things like names and dates. Just the other day, the former vice president appeared to confuse Trump with George Bush while giving an interview.

In February, the former vice president opened up that about his lifelong struggle with stuttering. He admitted that he still occasionally finds himself “really tired” when he catches himself stuttering.

Tuesday’s remarks, however, are not viewed as a flub by many Americans. Biden kicked off his event in Atlanta with an introduction.

In the Democratic presidential candidate’s own words, he sharply described himself as “Jill Biden’s husband” and then as “Kamala Harris’ running mate.” Biden didn’t stop there, either. He followed up by stating, “you think I’m joking, don’t you.”